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20 things no one tells you before having a baby…

Bringing a new life into the world is truly the most miraculous and indescribable feeling. Seeing your baby for the very first time, hearing that very first soft wail, nursing their trusting body for the very first time are all memories that will last a lifetime.

There are, however, some things that you just dont hear about before entering the magical world of parenthood.

Pour yourself a coffee, relax and lets have some real talk about what to REALLY expect when youre expecting:

1. Morning sickness doesnt happen to everyone. And when it does happen, it certainly doesnt discriminate to the morning only! Nor does it just disappear after 12 weeks. Its really inclusive like that!

2. Heartburn/reflux is NEXT level.

3. Sleepless nights dont just begin when baby is here. Those restless nights in the third trimester and there to prepare you for motherhood, Im sure of it!

4. The hair on your head will go through some changes, including falling out. Dont worry, itll grow back. You wont go bald.

5. You will have crazy food cravings or maybe just an excuse to want to eat pasta and chocolate all day.

6. Baby brain is a REAL thing. Youll forget things way more than often, but now youve got a legit excuse.

7. People will have opinions about everything! Shooosh them, and move along.

8. Random people will want to touch your belly.

9. Your body, while its creating life and being amazing, will develop lumps, bumps and HAIR in places that you just wont expect.

10. Things leak like, everything!

11. You will Google everything. Best not to

12. You’ll need to leave your dignity at the door because you’ll be poked and prodded by a heap of people who will seemingly explore every part of your anatomy

13. Dont bother planning your birth. More than likely, it wont go to plan and thats ok. Go with the flow and enjoy every minute.

14. Be prepared for the day 3 postpartum blues.

15. Youll learn very quickly that everyone is a parenting expert. Best to just stick to listening to the experts for advice.

16. Despite desperately wanting to become a parent, you will want your old life back. Your own time. Your old self. Your old social life. Peace and quiet. Freedom. Then youll feel guilty for feeling that way.

17. You will fight with your partner. And its normal. Youll fight about whos turn it is to feed/change nappy/cook/put the dummy in. Itll pass.

18. Sleep ins will be a distant memory.

19. Conversations with anyway will only be about the pregnancy, birth, who the baby looks like, if the baby is a good baby you get the idea.

20. You will survive! You’ve got this.

Phew, now that weve had the real chat, its time to soak up every moment of your current life, being pregnant and enjoying parenthood the best way you can. After all, its not something were all blessed to have.