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Wash & Care


  • Use a dry pail with holes for aeration. (Check out the Strucket)
  • Remove waste into toilet
  • Rinse soiled and night nappies thoroughly before dry pailing.


Prewash: Use a short cycle with half the recommended dose of detergent for a heavily soiled load.

Main Wash: Use the longest cycle on your machine with the full dose of detergent for a heavily soiled load, up to 60°C.

  • Use good-quality mainstream detergent.
  •  A pre-wash cycle removes the bulk of the soiling, so that the main wash is done in clean water.
  •  A daily prewash and washing nappies every second day helps to prevent smells, ammonia and mould from developing and deteriorating fabrics.
  •  For extended dry pailing (main wash is every 3rd + day) daily prewash is very important to ensuring fabrics remain in good condition.


  • Line drying outdoors is economical and environmentally friendly.
  • Hang covers/shells in the shade, or indoors.
  •  If outdoor line drying isn’t possible, use the dryer on the lowest setting for shells, waiting until they are cold before stretching elastics.


Night nappies (or nappies that have been in use for longer than 5 hours) contain a greater quantity and concentration of urine. A separate, thorough hand-rinse in hot water with detergent in the morning is recommended. Dry pail as normal.


Soak natural fibres over night to increase absorbency. Synthetic fibres are already at maximum absorbency.

Wash once in warm water before use.

May require changing more frequently until they reach maximum absorbency.


Rash and barrier creams will wash out in hot water with a good quality detergent.

Use a liner if needed.


For nappies that contain elastics (especially all-in-ones or fitted nappies) be conscious of how they are hung, so the elastics are not being stretched while drying. Hang them length ways across the line to prevent additional wear and tear.


The use of chlorine bleach may void your warranty if used incorrectly. Please contact the manufacturer for more information.

Don’t use fabric softener or vinegar on your nappies. Fabric softener coats the fibres of the fabric, causing them to repel. Vinegar may cause breakdown of the components of your nappy.

Napisan/Vanish type products can be used in wash or as stain treatments prior, follow the instructions on the packaging.