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Cloth Nappy Terminology

AIOs, AI2s, shells, pockets, inserts, can get a little confusing for a cloth newbie. Let us help you sort it all out. On this page we provide definitions for all the major cloth nappy products.

AIO - All In One - A fitted nappy with the water resistant layer sewn on the outside of the nappy, creating a one step nappy that is quick to use. Usually take longer to dry but liked for the one step.

AI2 - All-In-Two - Similar to AIOs except the booster usually snaps in and out easily. The purpose is to ensure faster drying times and to aid the absorbency of the nappy. Waterproof outer layer and absorbent inner layer can be washed and dried separately.

OSFM - One size fits most

OSFA - One size fits all

Pocket Nappies - A shaped  cloth nappy made from an outer water resistant layer, and in inner stay dry layer. A pocket opening at one or both ends allowing the absorbent material to be ‘stuffed’ inside the nappy.

MCN - Modern Cloth Nappy - This is a general description referring to any pre-shaped nappy that involves little or no pinning or folding. They include nappies like AIO,AI2 and pockets

Inserts (Stuffers) - A specialised absorbent booster pad used inside a pocket nappy to make it absorbent. Usually a pocket nappy term.

Liners - Different from inserts, A much loved accessory for any cloth nappy user. Disposable or Cloth options available. Designed to make cleaning cloth nappies easy and to reduce nappy staining. Poo is collected on the liner and you simply remove the liner for flushing poo, then place wet only nappies in your nappy bucket or machine. Disposable liners are made from biodegradable materials like bamboo or corn-starch. Cloth liners are usually made from polar fleece, micro fleece, polyester, wool or silk as these allow the moisture to wick through to the absorbent part of the nappy. This is known as a “stay-dry” feature.

Shells - The main body of the modern cloth nappy, usually AI2 or pocket nappy bodies, Insert are placed inside the "shell". Inserts are purchased separately depending on the absorbency level you require

Caboose Cloth Nappies - Modern cloth nappies - Folded Cloth Nappies